Ana Zhdanova

Ana Zhdanova is a young singer-songwriter from Minsk, Belarus. Inspired by minimalists’ motto “less is more” Ana creates dreamy pop music, refreshing and reinventing memories from her early childhood. Back in 90’s, cassettes with dance music were the only source of catchy beats. Now, Ana creates pop songs about creepy guys, strange situations and usually she takes place beyond them as a narrator illustrating everyday life.


One of the more interesting releases to come out over the past year has been Ana Zhdanova. Her rich cerebral textures and atmospheres have shaped her first solo album, Appetiizer, released in 2017. Ana has been involved in music for some years now, initially with her band Bonehider. Her music is perfect late night listening, with her vocals gently washing over you with a brightness and colour only evident in those moments of nocturnal wonder. (Post Pravda Magazine)

It’s a well-built indie pop / electronic record, with simple yet melodic songs, accessible yet diverse arrangements working well with Ana’s enjoyable voice.  Despite mixing different influences, the album is absolutely solid and effortless at the same time. (Beehype)


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