Molchat Doma (synthpop / post-punk / new-wave)

A band operating on the borderlines of post-punk, new-wave and darker ends of synth-pop, hailing from Belarus, playing music that is dark and danceable at the same time. It is a perfect emulation of the genre yet instantly recognizable as theirs, with lyrics sung in Russian. On top of that – it sounds like a mix of everything a contemporary goth can wish for, and it also sounds an awful lot like the Belarusian band Molchat Doma (which translates as “Houses are silent”).

Pafnutiy’s Dreams (nu jazz / experimental)

A rare case: in 2010 trumpet / French horn player Pavel Kuzyukovich left the biggest Belarusian rock band Lyapis Trubetskoy to pursue a more art-orientated career.
He has lived up to his declarations, returning to the National Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra and starting several indie/alternative projects of his own, doing something totally unexpected all the time.
Atmospheric mix of music and quality international literature, including Edgar Allan Poe, Antonio Machado, Tomas Tanstromer, Carl Sandburg and many others, translated to Russian.
The cited track “Opus” is based on the poem “Niño tras un cristal” by Luis Cernuda.

Dee Tree (soul)

Dee Tree is a soul band from Minsk, Belarus. The band has been around for about 2 years so far and spent this time quite fruitful, to say the least. In a span of less than two years they managed to bring out three singles and a wholesome debut album, perform at all of the major festivals in Belarus.

Ana Zhdanova (indie/pop)

Ana Zhdanova is a young singer-songwriter from Minsk, Belarus. Inspired by minimalists’ motto “less is more” Ana creates dreamy pop music, refreshing and reinventing memories from her early childhood. Back in 90’s, cassettes with dance music were the only source of catchy beats. Now, Ana creates pop songs about creepy guys, strange situations and usually, she takes place beyond them as a narrator illustrating everyday life.